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Get started on the right path.

Let us help you find your way today with Polaris Capital Funding (PCF)!


Polaris Capital Funding is a national purchaser and broker of many different types of structured seller-financed notes.


Polaris Capital Funding specializes in working with private sellers and banks directly to help them find immediate recovery for both physical and paper assets. This is one of the qualities that sets our team at Polaris Capital Funding (PCF) apart from similar investing services and makes PCF an invaluable part of your wealth building investment team.


PCF has strategic partnerships with many institutional and private investors. We specialize in getting your funds quickly, allowing our clients to turn slow assets into immediate cash. 


We evaluate the following:

  • Residential Mortgage Notes

  • "Off-Market" Multi-Family Properties

  • ​Life Settlements

  • Performing Notes (Individual & Portfolio)

  • Non Performing Note Individual & Portfolio)

  • Commercial Notes

  • Bank/Credit Union Disposition & Acquisitions

  • Business Notes

  • A/R Factoring

  • Loan/Funding Referral Specialist

  • ​Trailer Parks

  • ​Vacant Land

  • Structured Annuities 

  • Lottery Winnings 


"At Polaris Capital Funding, our vision is to be the leading Solution Experts. Our team also specializes in quickly turning problems into opportunities with a variety of expert strategies in order to create mutually beneficial relationships."

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